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A Message from the ILCC President and Board of Trustees

To All Members of Indian Lake Community Club:
I hope you and your family are healthy and safe during this challenging and unprecedented time. I’d also like to update you on the use of our lake, beaches, properties, clubhouse and membership.
Since the beginning of this pandemic, the ILCC Board has followed the lead of our township and state, closing our clubhouse, playground and beaches since March 15. As the weather warms, we will all have the urge to get outside and do many of the things that make this such a wonderful community - stroll around the lake, sit on the beach and enjoy the view of the water while our kids are swimming, and take our children to the playground.
Unfortunately, we must continue avoiding some of these things to protect our families and friends.
The Board is continuing to plan for the opening of our three beaches - which typically occurs around the third week of June - by applying to Denville’s Health Department for our bathing licenses. We are also planning Work Weekend to get our properties in shape. These moves are underway so that we can open as soon as state and local guidelines allow.
Boating is currently allowed so members can get out on a nice day and enjoy the water. However, you must be a 2020-21 member, have the proper tags and abide by social distancing guidelines. Our new membership season began May 1 and you can sign up through our website.
We are still not sure when we will be able to fully open or what that opening will look like. For example, there may be limits to the amount of people on the beaches, or there may be a maximum number of children allowed on the playground at the same time. As a community, we will figure this out together.
Our #1 objective is to ease the current restrictions and allow our members to safely enjoy all the lake has to offer. Of course, we need to do this in a socially responsible way.
The Board has posted Lake & Property Use Guidelines to the website and we ask that you and your family members abide by these rules. We will update these guidelines as we learn new information.
Our lake club thrives and survives based on the number of members who join each year. But lately, I have heard people say they were not going to join, or delay joining until times become more certain.
At times like this it’s important to remember that our Community Club is just that - a community. We don’t exist for profit. Our rates are set to cover our yearly bills, maintain our properties and water, and make repairs.
Membership in Indian Lake is more than just being able to do things like use the playground or sit on the each. Fundamentally, it’s about being part of a larger community that pulls together in times of need and works to improve tough situations for our friends, neighbors and all members.
You see it each time volunteers gather to pitch in on a project or when members rally around a friend or neighbor who has lost a loved one. Most recently, it can be seen in the outpouring of financial support for the ILCC Meals Program that is providing food to those in need during this crisis.
While it is true that we cannot currently enjoy all the things membership provides, it is also true the costs associated with operating this lake have not gone away. Things like property taxes, insurance and lake management costs, as well as any unexpected repairs, still need to be paid. We count on our membership dues to fund those expenses.
We all know this lake association, and the water itself, increases the value of all of our properties. I would also argue that being a member of this community provides intangible benefits – relationships and opportunities that make all our lives better – that can’t be quantified by the number of activities that take place in a given year.
I ask that if your plan was to originally join the lake this year, to please do so now by registering on our website. If you would like to spread membership costs over four months, please email to request a payment plan.
We will be open to the greatest extent possible in 2020 and we want all our members to come and enjoy everything this community has to offer.
Thank you for your support of the Indian Lake Community Club.
Bob Covello
ILCC President
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