Aquatic Club



The Aquatic Club is for children going into first grade through sixth grade, who are ILCC members.

It is for swimmers and non-swimmer,s so we hope we have accommodated everyone. Dues are $5.00 each year. Some activities may require a fee. Announcements of our weekly events will be posted at the clubhouse beach and through email (please make sure we have your email address).


All ideas whether from the parents or the children are always welcome. Parent volunteers are needed. Thank you for your help and cooperation!!


Some events to look forward to this year: ice cream social, pizza party, dance, sports and games, mini golf, movie night and much more.

Any suggestions or ideas please email:

Beth Tecchio or Jennifer Hyatt

Community Service

Earning points by doing various community service projects has been an Indian Lake Aquatic Club tradition for years. At the end of the summer, aquatic club members are awarded prizes based on the amount of points they accumulate.

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