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Indian Lake Kings & Queens

The tradition of choosing a King and Queen, from teenagers living in the lake began in 1927. Except for a few years, a royal couple reigned each summer. During World War II the titles were changed to Mr. Victory and Miss Liberty. In 1944, a bathing beauty contest was held instead of a king and queen election, since there were not many young men available.


In 1947, the members were eager to pick up where they left off and another royal couple was elected. Since 1965 a Mr. & Mrs. Indian Lake represented by one of the adult couples has also been elected.

It is a weekend full of tradition that

all lake members are invited to enjoy!

In recent years, the royal couple have been typically high school seniors and are selected by a vote, of all the lake members, conducted on Fun Weekend. Several weeks later, a royal celebration is held which lasts all weekend. It starts with the official coronation, and party, on Friday night. Then on Saturday, there is a semi-formal themed royal ball. This is followed on Sunday afternoon by a car parade around the lake typically followed by a picnic.  






King & Queen Weekend


Royal Coronation

July 29th 


Royal Ball
July 30th

Royal Parade & Picnic
July 31st


• • • •

ILCC King & Queen Ball Regulations:

  • Members must be entering their sophomore year of high school to attend

  • All members entering their sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school must have a PARENT chaperone present for the duration of the Ball ...

This Ball is open to Members and their non-resident guests!


More info will be posted as the date nears! 

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