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Indian Lake belongs to a local sports association called Hub Lakes. This includes 12 local lake communities which compete in 17 sports. The lake communities include: Lake Arrowhead, Cedar Lake, Estling Lake, Lake Hiawatha, Indian Lake, Intervale, Lake Parsippany, Mountain Lakes, Rainbow Lakes, Rock Ridge Lake, Lake Telemark, and White Meadows Lake. The rivalry between these lakes has lasted for years and can provide for a lot of excitement and fun.


The 17 sports and coaches for Indian Lake are listed below. Some teams are for adults, some for children, some for men, some for women, and some co-ed. If you are a Lake member you are eligible to play on these teams. You don’t have to be an athlete, these are for average people who just want to socialize, have fun, and get some exercise. To get involved, call the coach of the sport you’re interested in or contact the ILCC Sports Trustee Lauren Aitchison


To learn more, visit,  Check out the "Hub Lakes Sports Book with Schedules" ...

Hub Lakes 2023 Results!


Bowling 3rd

Diving 2nd

Men's Golf 2nd

Women's Golf 2nd

Men's Horseshoes 4th

Women's Horseshoes 2nd

Swim Team 2nd

Table Tennis 5th

Junior Track 1st

Senior Track 1st

Co-Ed Volleyball 3rd

Men's Volleyball 2nd

Women's Volleyball 3rd

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