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ILCC Scholarship

ILCC scholarships Class of 2023 recipients:

Annabel McEntee and Megan McGavin

Dear Indian Lake High School Senior:

Several years ago the Indian Lake Scholarship was established to honor
our graduating high school seniors. Eligibility for the scholarship is quite simple:


  • The student applicant must be a member of the Indian Lake Community Club

  • Actively pursuing higher education after graduation from high school 


This is an opportunity to apply for one of the two $500 scholarships.

The recipients of the scholarships are being recognized not only for their leadership and achievements in both school and community, but also for their dedication and involvement in the Indian Lake community.

Half the money raised will be given as two $500 scholarships to two graduating ILCC high school seniors. The other $1,000 will be awarded in monthly drawings as follows:


  • September ... (4) $25 prizes 

  • October ... (4) $50 prizes 

  • November ... (2) $100 prizes 

  • December ... (1) $500 prize



The 2023 ILCC scholarship raffle winners are:


September:  Ed McCloud, Jen Hyatt, Cheryl Knudsen, & Rich Wisneski 


October:  Tara Gleeson, Sean Hemmings, Lynn Vanderyajt, & John Spadaccini 

November:  Alyssa Gibbons, &  Jim Dougherty 


December: Rusty Obra 

Please contact the Chairman if you'd like to complete an application. The application can be submitted  through your high school counselor with an official transcript attached. If you  choose  to submit an application directly to the committee, you must include documentation that verifies your class rank and grade point average. In either case you must complete the application in full, and include two personal recommendations.

We wish you the best in your remaining months of high school and continued success beyond graduation.

For more information, please contact:

Cris Gavin
ILCC Scholarship Chairperson

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