... Muskrat Love (NOT)! Learn how to have them humanly removed - FREE!

Attention Members: Many of us in ILCC are aware of the on-going problem we have with muskrats and the damage they can cause to our properties and have been causing to our properties.

Several homeowners have reached out to the NJ Fish and Wildlife Department and were informed that homeowners can reach out to a contractor who works with the department to have these animals trapped and removed during the annual trapping season, which ends on March 15th.

Once contacted, the contractor will come to your home, assess the situation and place traps where they are necessary.

We were asked to pass this information on to the members, so if anyone is interested in reaching out to the contractor, they can do so prior to the deadline.

His contact information is below.

Scott Vuz: scottvuz@yahoo.com

Thank you,


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