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IMPORTANT • Valves to Remain Open • Lake Will Begin to Fill on December 10th

ILCC Members:

As I am sure you are all aware, the historic rainfall over the past 5 weeks has caused an

enormous amount of water to be dumped into our lake. This has caused us considerable problems keeping the water at the desired lowered level so members could complete their projects, and the new swim lane turn board project could be completed. We are doing everything we possibly can to keep up with this water flow, however we are asking two 18" pipes to drain the massive amount of water coming in from Estling, as well as normal run off. We monitor the water level and valves every day, and the valves have been wide open for all but about 5 days over the past 5 weeks, as we must maintain a certain water level to avoid a massive fish kill. I was down there this morning and the amount of water coming over the spillway was amazing. The valves were functioning normally, however the sheer amount of water in the lake makes it look like the valves are closed and the water is back to its normal level. The reality is we are going to need a string of dry days so we can catch up on this water and get lake back to level we need it to be.

With all this in mind, we are changing the date for closing the valves and allowing the lake to fill normally from December 1 to December 10. We are hoping that the rain stays away for an extended period so we can get all this water out of the lake, and work can resume. Our permit with the State expires on December 15, so we must close the valves by this date.

As we all know, Mother Nature is in charge and we can only hope we get a break from the precipitation long enough for the required work to be done. We can then close the valves, allow the lake to fill normally, then pray it freezes so we can enjoy skating out there.


Bob Covello ILCC President

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