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For over a Decade, Laura Hoffman Gave Her Time, Energy & Enthusiasm!

ILCC Members:

I would like to thank Laura Hoffman for her years of service to the ILCC Board of Trustees and to our community. Laura will be stepping down from the Board in about a month's time after being our Entertainment Trustee for over a decade. She has been an incredible Entertainment

Trustee who has contributed an insane amount of time to ensure all of you have a good time time at events. While Laura was at the helm of Entertainment we saw a surge in attendance to events and new events blossomed like Margaritaville. Please take the time to thank Laura for all of the time, effort and energy she has given to helping us all enjoy events for over a decade.

This change to the Board has led to an opportunity for an individual willing and able to provide the level of energy Laura has provided to our community. The shoes are pretty big. Please email, and with your interest in this great opportunity to give back to your community.

Kind regards

Mike Gavin

ILCC President

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