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Deliberate Acts of Vandalism

​Indian Lake Members:

I believe some of you may have heard that one of our lane lines broke a week ago. Some people wrongly assumed that this was from kids or adults hanging on the lane lines. While hanging on the lane lines will damage them it is not permitted, but it is not the reason that one of them broke recently.

The Denville Police Department is actively investigating the vandalism of our lane lines. Three individuals were seen on the clubhouse grounds and dock early Saturday morning on 7/14. At approximately 12:30 AM three individuals were seen on the clubhouse grounds, later at about 1:10 AM two individuals were witnessed near the lane line that was cut and then at about 1:30 AM two individuals were seen leaving the clubhouse grounds.

The ILCC Board will not stand for deliberate acts of vandalism. If you were involved with this act, my advice is to come forward before Denville Police Department knocks on your door. Any individual with knowledge of the people on the clubhouse grounds late into the evening on 7/13 or in the early morning hours on 7/14 should contact the Denville Police Department.

Thank you,

Mike Gavin

ILCC President

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