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Special Message • ILCC Clubhouse Renovation Update

ILCC Clubhouse Renovation Update:

As Fun Weekend was in high gear over the last two days, I heard various rumors that the Clubhouse Renovation has stalled or isn't happening. Let me put those concerns to rest immediately.

While we did have some delays associated with updating our plans to align with positive feedback from a meeting with the DEP, we feel very positive based on the discussions with the DEP. They are supportive of our efforts and even commented that they liked our renovation project given the history of Indian Lake. With that said, their feedback led us to adjust the plans and expand the size of the clubhouse by another 400 sq ft. This is great news given the volume of interest members have to attend functions.

Our next step is to hold an initial discussion with the Town Engineer and the Building Department, similar to what we did with the DEP, to address concerns and issues upfront before we proceed further. Providing there are no issues I will ask the Board to hire an Environmental Engineer to certify that we have no Wetlands on or adjacent to the Clubhouse property. While we do not believe there will be any issues this was a requirement of the DEP. At this point, the Board will be in a position to determine if and when we proceed forward with a renovated clubhouse.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me at

Thank you,

Mike Gavin ILCC President

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