Special Message • Longtime Indian Lake Resident Celebrates Her 90th Birthday by Giving Back

To our Indian Lake Community:

Please take a moment to read about one of the families who helped Indian Lake grow to what it is today.

As you know, Indian Lake was established back in the early 20s - well, Mrs. Dotty Flynn and her family was there at the start and just this week, she celebrated her 90th Birthday!

Given Mrs. Flynn's long history and life experiance around Indian Lake - she, more than most, could be incredibly attached to the clubhouse she grew up with. I was happy to hear that she wants to help make the new clubhouse a reality by raising donations to help celebrate her birthday. Read about Mrs. Flynn's life on the lake in the Daily Record article below.

While we haven't made a final decision on our path forward, I can't thank Mrs. Flynn enough for helping raise a generous donation towards a great cause!

Happy Birthday!

Mike Gavin ILCC President

Family celebrates Fourth and Mom's 90th by Donating to Indian Lake Clubhouse in Denville

DENVILLE — Sitting in the backyard of her home on the shoreline of Indian Lake, Dotty Flynn counted her blessings.

It was easier than counting the family members gathered for the tail end of her extended 90th birthday celebration.

"I have seven children, 25 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren, and more on the way," she said.

Four generations of Flynns gathered for a Fourth of July celebration at the family compound off Franklin Road, five days after the close-knit community feted her during a party at the Indian Lake Community Club.

Dotty Flynn requested that instead of birthday gifts, guests should contribute to a donation she wanted to make to help fix up the clubhouse.

"I just felt the club needed an updating," she said of the clubhouse, which is directly across the lake from her property. "Not that it's falling apart, but it's pretty old."

Several of the 200 guests — "Mostly Flynns, I think," she joked — insisted on bringing gifts, but her mission was accomplished as the donation fund netted about $500.

"When I was young, we used to go to dances there every Saturday night," Dotty Flynn recalled. "It means a great deal to me. Next