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April • It's Officially Spring! Work Weekend, Membership Renewal Time & More!

April 2018 - President's Message:

Greetings ILCC Members and Indian Lake residents!

It’s hard to believe Spring is here! That was an interesting winter. We definitely had some interesting storms … and just when you thought it was over … Old Man Winter decided to hit us again. Unfortunately, Joe McGavin didn’t have an opportunity to Chair the Ice Regatta…well…there’s always next year Joe.

With the weather warming up, Property Trustee, Greg Kraft is getting prepared to run Work Weekend in May and as many Property Trustees before him have depended on, he will count on strong volunteerism to get all the jobs done. Let’s not let him down … We are counting on a strong turnout. Keep an eye out in the Crier and look for some timely emails with all the details.

Speaking of new members … it’s time for all of us to renew. As I’m sure you know we’ve moved up the renewal date to address sign up issues with Clubs and Sports. While I realize most of you know this, I must remind you that in order to take part in Sub-Clubs, Sports or to access club owned properties (this includes the lake) you must be a current member. Dan Sforza, Membership Trustee, is anxiously awaiting a high sign-up rate on our great website! Membership renewals make me think about the value that comes from joining. Membership value comes in so many forms and varies by member, but the clubhouse, beaches, lake, landings and playground are key gathering areas that we all have access to and can enjoy. As you enjoy these places keep in mind that they are yours to enjoy as a MEMBER. Non-members cannot leverage

and enjoy these properties / lake, and it is up to each of us to protect our membership interest.

Well that’s all I have. So … get those flowers in the ground, take in the great weather and enjoy everything this great community has to offer!

Happy Spring!

Kind regards,

Mike Gavin

ILCC President

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