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October • Last month was GREAT! Thank You! And a Special Thanks to our Volunteers!

October 2017 - President's Message:

Hello Indian Lake!

It’s hard to believe how quickly a year can fly by. By the time you read this message I will have been President for a year. I have always admired the past Presidents for the time, effort, energy and dedication they have given to this wonderful lake, however after experiencing all that comes with being President my admiration has hit an all-time high! Regarding my Officers, Executive Committee and all Trustees, I could not have made it a year without each of you. Thank you for all your volunteerism! To the Sub-Clubs, you make Indian Lake GREAT through your tireless efforts! To the membership, your desire to be a part of something that is more than a neighborhood and rather a community that comes together for good times as well as the sad times, to lift each other up and lend a helping hand … I thank you for your commitment to the ILCC. This community is by far very unique. There is a bond here that some will often refer to as a cult of sorts. Well … we wear green a lot, we cheer each other on in just about every sport imaginable, we win many of those sports because we show up with spirit, we love to show up inside or outside for events and when you add it all up we have some haters. That’s ok! Jealously is the best form of flattery. If that’s a cult … then … I guess … we are a cult.

September was a Great month!

We had another incredible Margaritaville! Mr. Lovejoy brought their A game. There were even some guest performances from Quarter Pound Jones and your Crier Editor … none other than Alan Tecchio! All the performances rocked the mic and shook the deck! It was a great time had by all. Thank you to all who helped out … Noelle, Jen, Joe, Bob, Trevor, Maryann, John, Tom, Dean, Anthony and Jerry. Special thanks to Laura and Paul for teaming up to put a great event together!

Last, when you get this Crier the Annual Meeting will be about a week away. The Board voted to move the meeting to 9/29 at 8PM in an effort to be closer to our fiscal year end. We have a volume of reports to cover and I look forward to seeing everyone.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President this year.

Mike Gavin

ILCC President

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