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August • President's Message: Flares, Fireworks, Fun and Future Wedding Bells! Hey, Wanna Be A

August 2017 - President's Message:

Helloooooo … Indian Lake!

What a great start to our 2017 Summer season! The weather has truly been amazing. As I write this message, we just had a wonderful July 4th celebration. It was a great day to take in

everything the lake has to offer from the beauty of our flare ceremony, awesome weather and some spectacular parties all in celebration of our great country’s birthday! I almost forgot … there was even a wedding proposal. As I look across the lake I can see Fun Weekend 2017 staring back at me. This awesome event was in the capable hands of none other than first year Sports Trustee, Scott Dixon. Scott is under immense pressure, however as some of you have witnessed Scott is a clutch Beer Pong Champion who I know can handle the pressure and would never let us down. When you see Scott, thank him for all his hard work. Now he didn’t do it alone, it’s important to acknowledge all the support ur great Sub-Clubs, fabulous life-guards, Beach Manager, ILCC Patrol and the countless volunteers provide to make it a safe, exciting, and an incredibly Fun Weekend!

Speaking of volunteers, it’s appropriate to mention that you have a tireless Board of Trustees who give a great deal back to the ILCC along with many other volunteers within each of the Sub-Clubs. My ask is simple, never lose sight of the fact that we are all volunteers, with full time jobs

and active family lives. Your Board of Trustees and Sub-Club volunteers do not get paid, yet they keep coming back often thanklessly. With that said, I’d like to remind you that we are still looking for potential Trustees to fill a vacant position. Please contact Ron Toffolo if you are interested in joining the ILCC Board of Trustees.

As I’ve mentioned in prior messages, it is up to each of us to ensure only members use lake property. That includes the lake, landings, beaches, clubhouse, playground, athletic courts, parking lots and all lake owned dock structures. Your membership pays for all of these items, so if you see a trespasser speak up and don’t hesitate to call the police. The ILCC Patrol cannot be everywhere. In addition, the ILCC Patrol is actively claiming untagged boats. If your boat still isn’t tagged you can expect it to go missing as it will be viewed as ILCC property.

Thank you to all who have joined or paid their Fair Share Upkeep! While I cannot disclose our membership number until the Annual Meeting in September, I am happy to let you know this GREAT LAKE has hit a new record! It’s amazing to see so many people realizing the value that this lake brings. Speaking of value. Many of us visit the clubhouse regularly and couldn’t imagine ILCC life without it. This is what led to the genesis of the Clubhouse Renovation Committee. As many of you saw at Fun Weekend the Board of Trustees are evaluating the potential for a renovated clubhouse. The fact is our nearly 100 year old structure will not stand forever and band aid repairs will only do so much. In the near future, we will need to make some decisions about our beloved clubhouse and the architectural plans on display are an example of what our club could be. While there are no final plans and a great deal is yet to be discussed, the Board acknowledges the importance of having a succession plan for the clubhouse.

Lastly, it has been a month since a dear friend to this lake passed. Current ILCC Accountant and past President Bert Trien left us far too soon.

Mike Gavin ILCC President

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