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July • President's Message: Fun Weekend is Around the Corner, Clubhouse Renovation Committee New

July 2017 - President's Message:

Hello Indian Lake!

July 4th is nearly upon us and Fun Weekend will be right behind it on the 8th and 9th. It’s going to be a busy week in Indian Lake. Let’s ensure it is safe for all ...

As I’ve mentioned previously, the Board and the Clubhouse Renovation Committee continue to evaluate our clubhouse’s structure as it nears a 100 years and approved the creation of prospective architectural plans. The plans will serve as a means to help us consider what could be. Additionally, the Committee will release surveys to obtain direct feedback from members. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

If you haven’t heard by now King & Queen Weekend has been moved up to July 29th and 30th. This year we have a volume of graduating seniors and the YPL (the Young People's League) decided to move the event to ensure all graduating seniors had the option to take part. I commend the YPL and all involved for going through the challenging process of moving this event, it wasn’t easy but they pulled it off. This summer Indian Lake could have one of the largest Royal Courts in our storied history. Don’t forget to vote on Fun Weekend for a King and Queen as well as Mr. & Mrs. Indian Lake … also known as the Super Volunteer Couple. People often ask me what constitutes a Mr. & Mrs. Indian Lake, well, it boils down to active members who volunteer their time to the Lake, selflessly giving to the lake throughout the year and display a history of making a difference. As each of you know this Club runs on volunteerism and has done so on the backs of many members, however Mr. & Mrs. Indian Lake often stand out just a little more. So make it a point to vote this year!

Last, I want to thank all our members and those new to the lake who attended the Spring Cocktail party last month. It was great to see everyone! Laura Hoffman ran another amazing sell out event. Thank you Laura! I also want to thank those of you who have made the investment to join the Lake! Without your commitment, none of these events could take place. To the growing number of you who have chosen not to join as members, however have made your Fair Share Upkeep investment, thank you! You have my appreciation and respect for doing your part to support the financial health of the Indian Lake community that benefits you with higher values for your properties than the values of similar none lake community properties in Denville. By the way, if you’re still on the fence about joining as a member or making your Fair Share Upkeep investment, please give me or our Membership Trustee, Dan Sforza, a call and we’d be happy to talk with you in more detail about the benefits of membership in the ILCC and the advantage a healthy Club extends to your property value.

Best wishes to everyone for a great summer here in beautiful Indian Lake!

Mike Gavin

ILCC President

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