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June • President's Message: Spring Cocktail, Summertime Fun and a 1st Place Win!

June 2017 President's Message:

Greetings ILCC Members and Indian Lake residents!

It’s hard to believe that summer is finally here … yes … I know it is still a couple weeks away, but it

feels like summer. Hub Lakes Sports sign ups have taken place…however it’s never too late! Coaches are getting ready with all the new and old athletes…we are targeting another Championship! No pressure Scott Dixon, our new Sports Trustee! With the Dart Team already winning First Place, Scott is leading the ILCC to a winning season.

With the warm weather approaching there are a few reminders. When you’re on Club Property please ensure you pick up your trash. If we have a trash can nearby drop it in and if we don’t carry it home. Additionally, we do not allow pets on Club Property. There are numerous posted signs. The ILCC Board ask is simple, abide by the signs. If you’re a boater, know the rules and follow the rules. All power and non-power boats must be tagged, that includes paddle boards, kayaks and canoes. If you’re not sure about something or have a question ask our friendly Boating Trustee, Jeff Pelliconi. Once again, the ILCC Board has approved regular Patrols of our lake and grounds. If you encounter the ILCC Patrolmen provide them respect and adhere to their direction. Please pass these reminders along to everyone in your household.

Now for the good stuff! Who’s going to the Spring Cocktail Party? I hope to see everyone there! Summer is an amazing time at our lake and it’s not just about Hub Lakes Sports. Boating of one type or another at any time, 4th of July BBQ’s virtually everywhere with great views of the town fireworks, Fun Weekend, King & Queen Weekend, sun … sand and fun culminating with the Labor Day Men’s Softball Team vs. The Men’s Club Team followed by a picnic. This year you may even get an extra event … stay tuned! There is no doubt that the ILCC is at its best in the summer because of all these great events and so much more!

I know some of you are interested in knowing the status of the Indian Spring Dam. While it isn’t final, the NJDEP is reviewing our Dam Engineer’s report and we anticipate an approval over the summer. What about the Shawnee Trail Landing Remediation you ask? The NJDEP has reviewed all reports and provided an approval to close the project. There are no signs of permanent damage.

Finally, I am happy to hear from our Membership Trustee, Dan Sforza, that new membership and renewal membership is off to a strong start. Thank you to all who have stepped forward early. If you haven’t signed up…what are you waiting for? Get moving before the summer season kickoffs. While we would love to win all residents over I know that’s a dream, so if you decide not to join I have two asks to re-evaluate your decision each year and stay current with your Upkeep Payments. Upkeep ensures that we keep the lake and grounds in good condition.

I wish each of you a great start to the summer!

Kind regards,

Mike Gavin ILCC President

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