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May • President's Message: It's Spring! That means Work Weekend, Spring Cocktail Party &

May 2017 President's Message:

Greetings ILCC members and residents of Indian Lake!

Well, it is hard to believe we are in the heart of Spring. By now I imagine many of you have your planting and seeding done for the May showers. The showers are necessary … but hopefully we have no more than we need.

As always, one of the most critically important events in May is Work Weekend, and I know that Property Trustee, Greg Kraft will be counting on as many members as possible to volunteer time and talents the weekend of May 20th and 21st to work on the many projects that will help get ILCC ready for the summer. Don’t forget, this is a volunteer driven non-profit association that can’t exist without the collective … arms, legs, hands, feet and brains … that is the ILCC Membership. We will only continue to survive and thrive with your volunteerism. Every individual in this club makes a difference and our turnout for Work Weekend sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Speaking of membership, the April Crier contained the membership form. For all the members who join regularly please don’t wait until the last minute. This will ensure you and your family is approved to take part in Hub Lakes activities. We are going for another All-Around Championship. It was close last year, so we need all the help we can get. For the new residents and anyone who hasn’t joined in the recent past, give it a try for a year … take in everything the club has to offer and decide for yourself. Many of your neighbors have enjoyed the ILCC and could never imagine life without it. Find out why they feel this way!

Speaking of giving the club a try … the Board’s annual Spring Cocktail Party for members and prospective members is a great way to learn about the club and meet your neighbors. It takes place Saturday evening, June 3rd! Weather permitting, we will feature the extremely popular "boat tours of the lake" for new ILCC members. If you’ve never been on the lake, it’s a great way to get a new perspective on our beautiful surroundings. New members should arrive early, look for details in the Crier or register online now ...

Last, as you read this letter it will have been one month since the passing of a dear friend to this lake. Joe Tironi was a great person, someone you could always count on … a friend to many. The volume of people in attendance for his services was clear evidence to those who didn’t know him. Joe left us far too early, but we are better for having known him. Please keep the Tironi and Allaman families in your thoughts and prayers.

Kind regards,

Mike Gavin ILCC President

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