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February • President's Message: It's COLD Out There! Wait, What?

February 2017 President's Message:

Greetings ILCC Members and Indian Lake residents!

As I’m writing this February Crier message to you, it is the first week in January and I think it is safe to say we had some fluctuations in weather … from 58° to 12° … rain and snow … even an icy lake ... we experienced quite the range. I am certain that many are hoping that we get a strong burst of cold to improve the chances for one of our age old traditions, The Ice Regatta! The Regatta brings members together for fun, good natured competition and an opportunity to get outside and enjoy Indian Lake’s version of a winterfest. Alas, it’s up to Mother Nature. This event is totally dependent on having strong enough ice, so it’s not always possible to pull one off. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the Ice Regatta will either be coming up shortly or will have already been a great success. Either way, kudos will be due to past ILCC President Joe McGavin, who graciously organizes and runs the event for the Trustees, and to everyone who will have assisted and/or participated that day!

This is also a particularly appropriate time to remind all members that Indian Lake is man-made and was created by damming a stream that used to flow through the area. Today, water enters Indian Lake from Lake Estling and flows north around Lenape Island then out of our lake over the North Shore spillway. Water is always moving even under the ice, and that movement can affect the thickness of the ice in different areas of the lake. One area may have very thick ice and be perfectly safe for skating while another area not far away may not be as thick or as safe. Keep in mind that it is impossible for the Board of Trustees to say that all areas of the lake are always safe for skating which is why our policy is that members are always welcome to skate on our lake, but they do so at their own risk! The Board also maintains a policy that no form of mechanized devices, such as ice boats, snowmobiles, etc, are ever allowed on our lake! It’s just too small for such devices to mix safely with regular skaters. So, I encourage all ILCC members to enjoy Indian Lake at her winter’s best, but please make sure you do so with caution and common sense.

As House Trustee, Treasurer, Vice President and now President, I have commonly been asked “are we ever going to re-build or renovate the clubhouse?” Our clubhouse is an integral part of the ILCC community. It has a certain character that many of us have grown to love, however the wear from significant storms and it’s nearly 100 year age have led me to resurrect the Clubhouse Renovation Committee. This committee will be tasked to consider potential solutions, share them with the membership and present ideas to the ILCC Board. This will not happen overnight and will likely result in great debates. With that said I ask that you share your thoughts and ideas with me via In turn, I will share your responses with the committee members. My goal is to put us in a position to ensure the ILCC clubhouse lasts another 100 years and I’m confident many of you feel the same way.

Lastly, I would like to welcome our most recent additions to the Board – Greg Kraft joins us as the new Property Trustee taking over for Jack Doran (now Secretary). Thank you to Jack for his hard work on our property… it certainly kept him busy. Sandee Weiner joins us as the new Website Trustee taking over for Scott Dixon (now Sports). Thank you to Scott for the significant strides made on the website this year.

And finally, thank YOU, our members for your continued support and membership!

Kind regards,

Mike Gavin ILCC President

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