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Tag Pickup: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I just registered, when can I pickup my tags?

A.  Pay attention to the group emails from Indian Lake, they are the best source for information on tag pickup. 

Q. I just registered for membership this morning, can I come to your house and pick up my tags right away?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. I registered six weeks late, my kids want to go to the beach today, can I get my tags immediately?

A. Unlikely. Please expect to wait up to 10 days for tags to be processed once the beaches have opened.

Q. I can't make any of the tag pickups, how do I get my tags?

A. When the main beach at the clubhouse opens in June, all tag packets that haven't been picked up will be at the lifeguard stand.

Q. A tag packet was left in my mailbox, how did it get there?

A. The membership fairy.

Q. I'm missing a tag or a boat sticker, what do I do?

A. First, don't panic, all will be well. Send an email to and we will straighten it out.

Q. I know I need to get my boat registration & proof of insurance to the boat trustee before I get my tags - but how?

A. Scan and email to Take a picture with your smartphone and email to Just make sure you get the paper work in.

Q. Can I show up at a tag pickup and pay for membership and get my tags all at once?

A. Sure. But be prepared to wait. Folks that have signed up online and are just picking up their packets will be given preference. All signups at a tag pickup must be done online. You can pay with credit card or check.

Q. Is there a schedule for tag pickups?

A. Unfortunately, no. My own schedule is not predictable enough for me to set dates and times in advance for tag pickups. Generally, they will occur on the weekends.

Q. I can't get to the clubhouse on the weekend, how do I get my tags?

A. See above regarding the membership fairy and the lifeguard stand.

Q. I really want to come to your house to pick up my membership packet and to introduce my kids to the membership fairy, where do you live?

A. If I gave out my address, it would ruin the magic.

Q. I signed up for membership, but haven't paid yet. Can I still get my tags?

A. No. We require payment before issuing the tags. It's just a thing.

Q. If I send multiple emails to the membership trustee asking about tag pickup, will I get my tags any faster?

A. Unlikely. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.

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