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ILCC Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone join Indian Lake?

A. You must live within the boundaries of the Indian Lake Community to be offered membership in the club. Eligible addresses can be found by clicking this link: ILCC Addresses.

Q. When is membership/upkeep due?

A. Yearly, on May 1.

Q. Are there payment plans available?

A. Yes. Please contact the membership trustee for instructions at The plan is administered through PayPal and divides the cost over four monthly installments. Only a limited number of payment plans will be offered each year.

Q. Can I pay by credit card or check?

A. Yes, our payment form will handle both methods of payment. PayPal is the payment processor, but you do not need a PayPal account to use the system. PayPal will accept credit cards without an account.

Q. Where do I mail a check for payment?

A. Checks can be made out to ILCC and sent to ILCC, PO Box 334, Denville NJ 07834

Q. What is the yearly upkeep fee?

A. The yearly upkeep fee is charged to all residents of Indian Lake, regardless of membership in the club. The fee is used for general maintenance of the lake, which is critical to the property values of all land holders within the community. The yearly upkeep fee is collected once per year, per property, and is due May 1.

Q. If I am behind on my upkeep fee, can I still join the lake?

A. Membership is only offered to those homeowners or renters whose property is current on their upkeep payments.

Q. I haven’t paid upkeep in years and I’m selling my house. Will the new owners be able to get a membership?

A. Indian Lake works closely with title companies, lawyers and area realtors to collect back due upkeep payments at closings. Those fees must be paid before the new owners can register as members.

Q. I’m moving out in the middle of the membership year, can I get a refund for the unused portion of my membership?

A. We don’t provide membership refunds.

Q. Is my membership transferable to the new owners of my property?

A. No, membership is not transferable.

Q. I want to join the lake, but my spouse or significant other does not. Is that allowed?

A. All members of a household must join the lake. We do not provide a la carte membership.

Q. Once I have paid my membership, how do I get my membership materials?

A. See our Frequently Asked Questions on Tag Pickup.

Q. I only want to use the lake for boating or fishing, do I have to sign up for a full membership?

A. Membership in the club is not provided on an a la carte basis. Your membership allows you full use of all Indian Lake facilities and activities, in accordance with the rules posted on the Indian Lake web site.

Q. I only want to join the lake for the summer months, can I do that?

A. Membership is only offered for a 12-month period. There are activities that take place year-round, from the summer months through the winter months.

Q. I have grandkids who visit often, can they become members?

A. Yes, they can be registered as a “non-resident child” on the membership form.

Q. My adult children have moved back in with me or never left, how do I register them?

A. Residents over the age of 23 living in the household of an Indian Lake member can be registered as an “additional resident” on the membership form.

Q. I’d like to put a boat on Indian Lake. How can I do that?

A. Only members can put boats on Indian Lake. Power boats of all kinds require documentation to get access to Indian Lake, as outlined on the Indian Lake web site. All non-power boats – canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, etc. - require registration with Indian Lake. Boat registration can be done at the time of membership. They can also be purchased separately.

Q. I want to bring some guests to enjoy Indian Lake, how do I do that?

A. Guest passes can be purchased at the time of membership, or at the Indian Lake web site.

Q. I’m a member that has just purchased a new kayak/canoe/paddleboard and want to get it out on the water. How can
I do that?

A. You need to register your vessel with the ILCC and place a registration decal on the hull. Then you can paddle away to your heart's content.

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