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A Clubhouse for the Next 100 Years!

​Many of us visit the clubhouse regularly and couldn’t imagine ILCC life without it.  This is what led to the genesis of the Clubhouse Renovation Committee.  This Committee is made up of Members, Past Presidents and current Trustees charged to come up with a solution that will ensure our clubhouse lasts the next 100 years.  The fact is, our nearly 100 year old structure will not stand forever and band-aid repairs will only do so much.  In the near future, we will need to make some decisions about our beloved clubhouse.

These architectural plans are an example of what the Indian Lake clubhouse could be.  While there are no final plans and a great deal is yet to be discussed, the ILCC Board acknowledges the importance of having a succession plan for the clubhouse.  

In an effort to obtain feedback and determine the general membership’s support of a new clubhouse - you're welcome to send questions and comments to the ILCC Renovation Committee.

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