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Volunteers Needed While the Lake is Low! Let's Work Together to Improve the Lake Bed and Surrou

Dear Lake Member Volunteers:

The lake lowering gives us an opportunity to make improvements to the lake bed and surrounding areas otherwise unreachable when the lake is full. Therefore, the Indian Lake Trustees are asking for your help the weekend of Nov 10 & 11 to come help complete some projects. Please come down to the Clubhouse where we'll be assigning tasks and activities.

I am only one person and will be tied up with a project in the swim lanes. Therefore, I am seeking some "Project Managers" to lead certain projects around the lake. If you'd like to go above and beyond to help run a project, please contact me directly.

Projects Include:

  • Tree / Limb Removal - Seeking Project Manager and volunteers to walk around the lake and pond to clean up any large debris that has fallen off trees. Requires use of chainsaws and pruning shears.

  • South Shore Boat Launch Repair - Seeking Project Manager and volunteers to make much needed repairs to the platforms and concrete slip. Requires some carpentry and masonry.

  • Swim Lanes - Seeking volunteers to assist in building a new bracket system for the turn boards. I will be running this project and would love as many extra hands as possible.

  • Clubhouse Beach - Seeking volunteers to spread sand in the swim area of the Clubhouse Beach. A large load of sand will be delivered prior to the weekend.

  • Diving Beach Drain - Seeking Project Manager and volunteers to excavate and repair a drain in the wall of the beach.

  • Various Cleanup - Seeking volunteers to simply pick a spot around the lake bed and remove any trash or debris.

  • West Shore Rock Removal - This project is headed up by Fritz Mott and Howie. Volunteers may be needed to assist.

If you have noticed a project involving the lake bed that is not listed, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

Thank you all for your dedication to the community and helping to preserve our little slice of heaven! :)

Greg Kraft

Property Trustee


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