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Rexorth A22VG Hydraulic Pump: What They are?

Rexorth A22VG Series Hydraulic Pump

Rexroth A22VG Series Hydraulic Pump is a high-performance hydraulic pump with a variable displacement, which can be continuously controlled by an electrical signal. It is suitable for use in mobile and stationary applications, such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery and marine equipment.

Rexroth A22VG Series Hydraulic Pumps are available in a variety of models and configurations to meet the needs of specific applications. They are suitable for installation into Rexroth existing products that require a variable-displacement pump.

Rexroth A22VG Series Hydraulic Pumps are compact and lightweight, with a compact design that reduces installation space and simplifies maintenance. The proven Rexroth drive technology ensures high reliability with low maintenance costs even under the most demanding conditions.

A22VG Series pumps have an integrated motor and motor controller, which eliminates the need for external control systems or additional wiring (in contrast to conventional mechanical-pneumatic control). The integrated motor controller reduces cost by eliminating the need to purchase additional components such as control valves or electronic controllers.

Rexorth A22VG Features

Rexroth A22VG Hydraulic Pump is a compact and powerful air-cooled hydraulic pump. It is used in the automotive industry, machine tools and other applications that require high pressure, high flow and compact dimensions.

Rexroth A22VG Hydraulic Pump Features:

Compact Design - The Rexroth A22VG Pump has been designed with a compact body and mounting flange. This helps to reduce installation space and improve reliability by reducing the risk of leaks.

High Pressure - The Rexroth A22VG Hydraulic Pump has been designed with high pressure capabilities up to 6 Bar (90 psi). This means that they can be used in applications where higher pressures are required.

High Flow - The Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps have been designed with high flow capabilities as well as high pressure capabilities. This means that they can be used for applications where both high pressures and high flows are required simultaneously.

Rexorth A22VG Specifications

Rexroth A22VG hydraulic pump is a rotary positive displacement device. It is an electromechanical actuator that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. This mechanism uses an electric motor to drive a rotating shaft with gears and a piston inside it.

In simple terms, it can be described as a large gear that presses against another gear to move the shaft back and forth in the cylinder. The cylinder is made from metal or plastic with a piston inside that moves up and down when activated by the gears.

The Rexroth A22VG is used in many different industries for different purposes. It can be used for water pumping, oil pumping and other similar purposes where high pressure is needed to operate machinery such as excavators, cranes and other heavy equipment used in construction sites or manufacturing plants where there is high pressure available such as factories where they make cars etc..


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